Weta Workshop creates a working Portal turret for Valve

first_imgValve teased a video of an amazing, working turret from the Portal games the other day on their Valve Store Facebook page. No one knew where it came from or who made it. Now Valve has published another video, this time it’s an unboxing of the adorable, deadly turret, and it turns out Weta Workshop created it.Weta is known for creating great replicas, especially for Valve. Previously they made the turret from Team Fortress 2 a reality, but this Portal turret is much more impressive. Not only does it look amazing, it can track anyone who steps in front of it. It will also say hello before opening up its side flaps and aiming its sights at you, and even makes the firing sound and flashes just like machine guns do. If you step out of it’s sight it announces “target lost” and it will eventually go into sleep mode if it can’t find anyone else to fire at.Creating it wasn’t easy though, as Sir Richard Taylor, director of Weta Workshop, explained the turret really pushed them to their creative limits. The turret runs on customized paintball sentry software, but obviously this turret needs to open up its sides when it sees someone and then close them again, which is what made the software difficult to program.The real question everyone wants answered is, can you buy one? Weta Workshop would like to make the turrets available for consumers to buy, but the cost would be extremely high and Weta would need official licencing from Valve first. Unless you have a few thousand dollars lying around, having your own personal turret looks quite unlikely.More at Stuff, via Valve’s FB pagelast_img read more