Top news, November 19 – 25, 2018 has compiled the top news from marine energy industry from November 19 – 25, 2018.Developers submit grid expansion plans for Nautilus tidalUK-based marine renewable energy developer SBS has submitted a preliminary grid extension feasibility study to Indonesia’s state-owned electrical utility as part of Nautilus tidal energy project development.The preliminary feasibility study, which explored the options to expand the grid on Lombok Island to accommodate the electricity that will be fed by the Nautilus tidal energy array, is now being internally reviewed by the utility PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN).SBS has agreed exclusive ocean energy resource site-development rights with PLN for the project whose first phase will see the installation of eight 1.5MW turbines on behalf of independent power producer, SBS Energi Kelautan.The turbines for the first phase, expected to be completed in 30 months, will be supplied by Edinburgh-based tidal energy developer SIMEC Atlantis Energy.SIMEC Atlantis takes helm of Raz Blanchard tidal power questSIMEC Atlantis Energy has agreed terms for the collaboration with the French region of Normandy under a joint venture that will work to deliver a phased large-scale tidal power project in the Raz Blanchard strait.The collaboration, which spawned the creation of Normandie Hydrolienne joint venture between SIMEC Atlantis, Development Agency for Normandy, and regional investment fund Normandie Participations, was formalized with the agreement signing ceremony between the parties on November 20, 2018.As well as fostering the marine industry and local supply chain in Normandy region more generally, Normandie Hydrolienne will be specifically tasked with developing a multi hundred-megawatt tidal stream project in Raz Blanchard, according to the agreement.Blue Shark inks Djibouti tidal power dealFrench developer Blue Shark Power System has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Republic of Djibouti to supply its tidal turbines for a 120MW tidal energy project.The agreement covers the preliminary studies for the project, and the the sale of 495 tidal turbines, each rated at 240kW, according to Blue Shark Power.Blue Shark Power will deliver the project with the support from Weco Weco, a renewable energy project developer in the French-speaking African countries.EEL Energy adapts turbine to river flowsFrench tidal energy developer EEL Energy has presented the river version of its prototype tidal turbine.The solution, said to be requested by some market players, will complete the marine turbine solution also under development by EEL Energy.The river variant, patented this month, has integrated the lessons from the tests conducted in recent months in the laboratory and at sea, according to EEL Energy.The improvements and simplifications made on this version, in the concept and in its components, have allowed to drastically reduce component costs, EEL Energy said.HydroWing tidal tech launches in CornwallCornish tidal energy start-up Inyanga-Tech has launched a tidal energy project called HydroWing, which is based on a full-systems approach targeted at subsea tidal energy arrays.Inyanga-Tech’s patent-pending HydroWing technology has received grant support from Marine-i program, as well as from the project’s lead partner, University of Exeter, which is undertaking research looking at operations, maintenance, reliability and yield analysis.According to Inyanga-Tech’s Managing Director Richard Parkinson, the aim of Inyanga-Tech is to ‘rapidly’ develop the technology towards a first demonstrator deployment in 2020.last_img read more

Suspended prison sentence for Mason City man charged with scheming to burglarize home

first_imgPLYMOUTH — A Mason City man facing burglary and drug charges after being accused of scheming with a woman to burglarize a Plymouth home has been given a suspended sentence. Authorities accused 43-year-old Nicole Cooper of committing felony conspiracy by meeting a victim at a bar on August 20th, and during that time her friend, 44-year-old Chad Wolfe, allegedly burglarized and committed theft at the residence, breaking in and stealing items valued at more than $1500. A search warrant was later executed in the 2300 block of 26th Southwest in Mason City where authorities also allegedly found methamphetamine. Wolfe was originally charged with third-degree burglary, second-degree theft, criminal mischief and possession of meth. As part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, Wolfe pleaded guilty to second-degree theft and possession of meth, with the other charges being dropped. District Judge James Drew on Tuesday sentenced Wolfe to a total of 15 years in prison, with the sentence being suspended, and placed him on five years probation. Cooper pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit a non-forcible felony. She was sentenced last week to a five-year suspended prison sentence and placed on five years probation.last_img read more

Letterkenny to host Christmas dinner for those living alone

first_imgThe 14th Annual Christmas Day Dinner for people living on their own will be held in the Conwal Parish Hall behind the Church of Ireland in Letterkenny on Christmas Day from 1pm until 4pm. The purpose of the event is to help people who are living on their own to break through isolation and loneliness on the day, to provide company and celebration.Transport can be provided if required. If you wish to avail of a dinner or have any enquiries please contact Kathy on 0868676565.Letterkenny to host Christmas dinner for those living alone was last modified: December 15th, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Hypocrisy is all around us

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Hypocrisy can be defined as the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. In other words, a hypocrite says one thing and does another. I’m sure all of you reading this article can think of examples of hypocrisy in our everyday lives. I will offer a few examples that tend to hit a nerve with me.Hypocrisy in society1. The general public complains frequently and loudly about legislation and other policies enacted by local, state, and national government. However, when given the chance to express their opinions about politicians and issues, the general public typically shows up to vote in low numbers.2. The national restaurant chain Chipotle proudly promises that they source their food ingredients from farms rather than factories and try to source responsibly raised meats and produce for the benefit of their customers. Unfortunately, these lofty goals have not extended to food safety as they’ve failed to prevent dozens of customers from experiencing food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses.3. Members of the general public endorse the concept of requiring farmers to follow certain animal welfare practices that insure humanely raised meat products. Then, these same members of the public complain about higher food prices and may purchase the more economically priced products.4. The mainstream sports media for years have said that the Cincinnati Bengals can’t win a playoff game with Andy Dalton as their quarterback. Now that he is out due to injury, the same media outlets fear that the Bengals can’t win in the playoffs without him. Note: This is the opinion of an overly-sensitive Bengals fan that believes the media can’t have it both ways! Hypocrisy in agriculture and beef production1. Agricultural producers get upset when non-farm clientele don’t believe or respect the story of traditional agricultural production. Do we as agricultural producers give the same respect and consideration we expect from others when we are asked to hear the story from groups that are polar opposites in terms of their beliefs about food production?2. Farmers will build barns to store tractors and equipment but store bales of hay uncovered on sod ground.3. Farmers try to get grain crops planted as quickly and efficiently as possible in the spring but will calve beef cows 12 months a year because they don’t have a place to house the herd bull separately from the cow herd.4. Small herds that utilize one bull for both their cows and heifers will focus on buying a bull with calving ease for the limited number of heifers retained for replacements, but fail to select EPDs suitable for the majority of the females in the herd that are mature cows. The producer then complains about the lower weights on their feeder calves on sale day.5. Numerous beef industry surveys indicate that March is the most common month of the year that producers will include in their calving season. This is a tradition that has carried across generations of producers even though March typically possesses the most highly variable weather patterns with some of the most stressful calving conditions throughout the year.6. Club calf producers design matings to produce steer calves with extreme amounts of muscle, bone, and hair that target a “perceived” ideal terminal market animal. These producers often keep the females from these same matings with the hope they will make productive brood cows.7. The OSU Extension Beef Coordinator encourages beef producers to put an emphasis on aggressive reproduction and culling practices. This same person manages to find excuses for his daughters ex-show heifers that may not live up to the same lofty standards that he encourages other producers to adopt. Note: This is a painful confession from a person that knows hypocrisy when he sees it!Some of the beef-related hypocrisies mentioned in this article will be addressed in the second session of the upcoming 2016 Ohio Beef Cattle School that will be held on Tuesday, February 2 starting at 7:00 p.m. Remember, the School begins with the first session on Tuesday, January 19 and concludes on Tuesday, February 16, and is being hosted in many locations across Ohio, plus one each in Indiana and New York. More information on the 2016 Ohio Beef Cattle School can be found at the OSU Extension Beef Team’s web site at read more

Camera Cars & Trailers – The Real Movie Cars

first_imgFrom high-speed car chases to luxury car commercials, camera cars are secretly driving alongside capturing all the action.Cover Image via Camera Car IndustriesCamera cars come in all shapes and sizes. They are classified as self-propelled vehicles engineered for mounting and manning cameras and equipment. They are often painted or wrapped in a matte black finish, so they don’t reflect light while shooting.Their history goes all the way back to the first mass-produced vehicles. In this photo from the 1925 film Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, a camera car prepares to film the chariot race sequence.Image via Iverson Movie RanchBy the 1930s, picture cars (the cars that are on camera) were commonly placed in front of rear-projection screens. That technique of process photography has been adapted and is still used today, but with green screens. Action films of the 1940s and 1950s started using cameras on and inside moving vehicles, and by the 1960s we would see the beginning of the modern camera car.Insert CarImage via Elliot Location EquipmentThe insert car (which is actually almost always a truck or van) is a vehicle with a series of platforms that hold a camera crew and their equipment. It is a camera crew’s fully functioning mobile set.It allows an array of different camera and lighting setups, like plate-shots or crane-shots. The insert car also has an on-board generator used to power any camera equipment or light kits. Typically, the film’s director is sitting inside the cab watching footage, while camera operators stand on the platforms filming.The insert car can be driven in front of, behind, or to the side of a picture car. Most frequently they are used to tow picture cars. They are also used to film establishing shots, often just driving through city streets.Process TrailerImage via Moving PicsThe process trailer is a low rise platform that holds a picture car. The trailer moves along roadways, allowing the camera crew to film a natural-looking car movement. They can also be referred to as an insert trailer or a low loader.These are frequently used if no other vehicles will be visible near the picture car. If other vehicles pass by, the height difference will make it apparent that the picture car is on a trailer.Most insert cars can tow the process trailer with a rear trailer hitch. However, there are some insert cars that can also side-tow the process trailer, allowing filmmakers to have camera in front and beside a picture car simultaneously.Image via Camera CarsTow DollyImage via Camera CarsA tow dolly is a specialty trailer that only holds the front tires of a picture car.  (These are the types of trailers you frequently see movers using, like U-Haul.)These are usually used when the camera crew is relying on car-mounted rigs, rather than standing beside the vehicle. They also offer a more natural look when driving through traffic, as there isn’t much of a height difference next to other cars on the road.If pulled by an insert car, the most common setup is a camera on the insert car facing the picture car straight on while an additional camera is mounted to the side of the vehicle.Camera Car – Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV)Image via Pursuit SystemsSUV camera cars have become the most well known among people outside of the industry. These camera cars are flashy, usually a modified Porsche Cayenne or Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG.These high-end SUVs are not only chosen because of their looks, they can seat five crew members and are built for speed. They also feature a solid braking system, which allows them to keep up with high-speed shots and then stop on a dime. Camera Car – CarsImage via Pursuit SystemsThough the SUV has become the most well-known camera car, there are still plenty of camera “cars” used on set. Camera cars are used for high-speed chases or close-up follow shots of vehicles.The Mini Cooper featured above was specifically designed for the Fast & Furious franchise. It was used to film the races inside of parking garages.Camera Car – CustomImage via House of PropsJust like the world of custom cars, there are plenty of custom camera cars as well. Many companies build original vehicles for specific films. One of the most popular is the Go Mobile.Go Mobile is a flat vehicle that allows a film to use any type of vehicle body. The above feature taxi frame can be replaced, and another body type put it its place.Image via Aint It Cool NewsAnother custom vehicle was the one above, built for Children of Men to capture the incredible long take. The custom camera car actually has two drivers, depending on which direction the vehicle is moving. Camera Car – CartsImage via Telescopic Camera CranesCamera cars are not always the fastest or most powerful vehicles. Often times a production may need a silent vehicle or a low-impact cart. These carts can be either gas or electric.By “low impact” we are referring to a vehicle that will not damage a surface, much like in the above photo. The camera car used on the field will not damage the playing surface, whereas a car or truck could weigh it down and leave tire tracks.Interested in more production posts like these? Let us know in the comments below.last_img read more

Tabrez Ansari lynching case: police drop murder charge

first_imgThe Jharkhand Police have reportedly watered down the charges against those accused of lynching Tabrez Ansari in Seraikela-Kharsawan district about four months ago.Eleven persons, against whom charge sheets have been filed for beating Tabrez, a 24-year-old man, to death, will be facing trial under Section 304 of IPC, which is culpable homicide not amounting to murder, instead of murder charges under Section 302.In April this year, Tabrez, who was working as a welder in Pune, had returned to his village Kadamdia, 15 km from the district headquarters town of Seraikela, for his marriage. On April 27, his marriage was solemnised with Sahista Pervez, 19. The couple would have returned to Pune in a few days.But on June 17 night, a few people of Dhatkidih village, a few kilometres from his house, caught hold of him and branded him a thief. He was beaten up by a mob through the night and forced to chant ‘Jai Hanuman and Jai Sriram’. On June 22, he succumbed to injuries. It was alleged that Tabrez was not given proper medical attention in time.When contacted, Seraikela-Kharsawan Superintendent of Police Karthik S. said, “this is not a matter of dilution of the case. Section 304 of IPC, which is culpable homicide not amounting to murder, has life imprisonment provision and 302 of IPC is capital punishment. There is a very thin line existing between the two sections.”“Since the medical report did not confirm the cause of death properly, the provision under Section 304 of IPC was applied. Tabrez didn’t die of injury. He died of cardiac arrest due to stress,” said Mr. Karthik.The district police chief further said, “We had gone for the second opinion from forensic experts. According to them, the death was due to combined effect of heart attack and injury. Moreover, the victim did not die on the spot, but after a few days of the attack. That is why we thought it proper to seek punishment under Section 304 of IPC after getting it vetted by legal experts.”When asked about earlier reports of Tabrez developing brain haemorrhage in the mob attack, he said the first post-mortem report did mention about ‘light’ haemorrhage.“However, the brain haemorrhage was so minimal that it could not be written. Even in the second opinion, they also talked about brain haemorrhage. It was mentioned that the fracture in the head and other injury had led to heart attack. If 302 IPC was applied, one had to establish the premeditated actions. So we deemed Section 304 to be proper,” Mr. Karthik contended.The charge sheet in the case was filed a month ago. After getting to know that there was no mention of murder charge, family members, including the wife of the deceased, had met the district police chief and demanded that the accused face grave charges.Eleven persons have so far been chargesheeted in the case and investigation was pending against two more as they were apprehended later. The photo and voice analysis of the two are yet to be done.last_img read more

Dez Bryant Speaks on Personal Life

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant decided to speak on his personal life Wednesday in regards to his relationship with his mother and ongoing attitude problems.Bryant recently came to the realization that he needed to change his act after a recent summer arrest. On July 16, Bryant was arrested for a Class A misdemeanor family violence charge, for an alleged physical confrontation with his mother Angela Bryant.Last week the Dallas County district attorney’s office shifted the charge to a conditional dismissal. Under the dismissal, the charge will be dropped as long as Bryant attends anger management counseling and is not charged with any crimes for a year.The 24-year-old Bryant says that even after the arrest, he and his mother still have a great relationship.“I don’t want to get into it much, but what happened in our eyes, it was overblown,” he said. “I love my mom. My mom loves me. Everything is great between us.”Bryant was not permitted to discuss the situation because strict rules created by Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones and his adviser David Wells given to him this summer.The stipulations issued by Jones and Wells are appreciated by Bryant because he did not have structure in his childhood. Bryant’s childhood was dysfunctional, partly because his mother had him at the age of 14. His father was in and out of his life, which caused him to jump from home to home until attending Oklahoma State.Bryant does not use his troubled childhood as an excuse for his behavior, but more as learning lesson.“It’s different,” he said. “I just feel like it’s been a learning process for me my whole life, and I’m just getting to it.”Bryant is the father of two sons Zane, 5, and Dez Jr., 2, and trying to be the best role model for them.“I got real responsibilities I feel like I’m handling the right way,” he said. “I’m enjoying my life the way I should have been enjoying it a long time ago.”Jones selected Bryant with the 24th overall pick despite off-field issues prior to the draft. The Cowboy’s owner sees the all-around growth that Bryant is doing in his life.“The point is, without trying to be cute, Dez is improving,” Jones said. “But the risk is here that he’s on the field in the glaring spotlight for the Cowboys and off the field for the Cowboys. So I’m reluctant — we all are — to say, ‘Boy, Dez is doing good.’ Dez is doing better.”Bryant, who has 57 receptions for 735 yards this season, realizes the incident this summer was a sign that he needed to improve his maturity.“Small, positive things turn into big, positive things,” Bryant said. “As long as I keep doing the right things, all the things that happen are positive things.” read more