Google pulls top Android Reddit app for sexually explicit material

first_imgFor users of Apple’s iOS platform, seeing apps pulled for seemingly minor infractions is nothing new. Google, however, has always been more liberal in its control of the Play Store. That’s why the move this morning to pull the most popular Reddit browsing app on Android came as a bit of a shock to the community and developer alike.The developer posted the news on Reddit this morning, saying that Google sent a pair of emails informing him that the free and paid versions of Reddit is Fun had been pulled for containing “sexually explicit material.” To understand why this is happening, you have to realize that Reddit is a community-driven site. Anyone can create a “sub-Reddit” dedicated to a particular topic. Humans being what they are, some users have created some very NSFW sub-Reddits.Users that posted to the developer’s explanation on Reddit and Google+ were none too pleased with the development. The consensus was that if Google is going to allow browsers, which can access an entire internet full of pornographic content, a Reddit app that can only access a little porn should be fine. This argument has been used against Apple over the years as it banned apps for content violations.Unlike in the iOS ecosystem, when an Android app is banned, it is not out of reach for users. Virtually all Android devices can install application packages downloaded from the internet or obtained from the Amazon Appstore. However, the thousands that bought Reddit is Fun are out of luck, and the developer is left without a distribution mechanism.Andrew Shu, developer of Reddit is Fun, has filed an appeal with the Google Play Store team. For the time being, other Reddit apps have been left up, but developers are understandably a little shaken — there is nothing particularly different about Shu’s app when compared to other Reddit clients. Time will tell if this was just a mistake, of a new era of control for the just re-branded Play Store.via Andrew Shulast_img read more