16bit Borderlands 2 demake is online and freetoplay

first_imgWhat is the best way to drum up excitement for the latest and greatest graphically awesome super game? Launch a teaser game that looks and feels as though it’s more than 20 years old, of course. That is exactly what Gearbox Software has done with the upcoming Borderland 2 with The Border Lands.It’s the latest example of what has become known in the industry as a “demake.” The opposite of a remake, a demake takes a new game and re-imagines the experience when there was older technology and much less graphical power. One of the coolest examples is Super Street Fighter: Minimalist Edition.The Border Lands is a 16-bit version of the modern-day Borderlands 2. The four main characters all make an appearance as playable heroes in this simplified shoot-em-up. Players can target their foes with machine guns, pistols, flamethrowers, shotguns, and other tools of destruction in a variety of forms.The aim of the game is simply to shoot down the waves of enemies as quickly as possible. Each wave results in a cash bonus, so players need to get as much cash as they can before they inevitably lose all three of their lives.As mentioned, this is to raise awareness and increase the hype of the new game Borderlands 2, which launches on September 21. The original Borderlands came out in 2009, so fans have been waiting a decent amount of time for this sequel.Borderlands 2 is what Gearbox calls a “role-playing shooter” — a first-person shooter with extremely deep and complex character development and story progression. It again takes place on the mystical planet of Pandora, five years after the end of Borderlands.Play the Borderlands Demakelast_img read more