Moocom to roll out NFCenabled business cards

first_imgThere are more devices being released every day with NFC on board. While the primary focus of the technology right now is for payment purposes, the technology is great for any kind of verification or as a precursor for data transfer. You can hold more on an NFC chip than you can a QR Code, and there’s no need to rely on users getting to their camera apps in time to catch the code. As long as NFC is enabled on your device, you can be doing anything and just tap the phone to the NFC surface and get the information you are looking for.One aspect of a professional social interaction that relies heavily on the rapid transfer of information is the exchange of business cards. The whole point of a business card is to provide the recipient with as much information as possible in order to better communicate with you in the future. It seems like putting an NFC tag in a business card would just be the evolution of the business card, and the guys at agree.Moo has a reputation for making high quality business cards that intentionally break the mold for what a card “should” be. The idea being presented here is that the NFC layer would be the third side to any card. An open NFC tag can be programmed with anything, and any phone that has NFC on board includes the launch instructions for content that works with apps that you already have installed. For example, if I put my Twitter handle on an NFC chip and you have a Twitter app on your phone, once the card is scanned the Twitter app will open and you will be taken to my profile. The information becomes really easy to put right in front of the person you are handing the card to.Right now just has an email subscription spot on their website for anyone who wants to learn more about NFC cards when they become available. There’s no mention of pricing or how NFC will work into their existing product portfolio, or even the size of NFC tag they choose to use right now.If you want to try the cards out, all you need to do is order any pack of cards from Moo, and a single free NFC card will be included in the order. This has been tried once before by Vizibility, but the biggest difference here is that the NFC tags from Moo will be re-writable instead of locked.As more and more people upgrade to phones with NFC on board, these cards will become significantly more useful that the current generation of business cards, which puts us all one step closer to incorporating NFC into our lives.last_img read more