Enjoy Thanksgiving With This Food-Themed Playlist Featuring All Of Your Favorites

first_img[Video: John1948ThreeC]Maybe even have a lil “Meatstick,” courtesy of Phish…Not saying you should judge, but if your host puts out a Meat Loaf, maybe you should get out of there like a “Bat Out of Hell“…As long as you’re having a little “meat,” moe. will be happy.But don’t forget to slather on some G. Love & Special Sauce!As long as someone adds a little Red Hot Chili Peppers to the recipe to keep things nice and spicy!Not all seasoning has to be spicy though. Don’t forget good old Salt & Pepa!Can’t forget some good ol’ fashioned macaroni…A dinner table wouldn’t be complete without a little Bread.For those of you who like their carbs extra-crunchy, we have some (Disco) Biscuits—playing a special version of “Home Again” with special guests Joel Cummins and Brendan Bayliss from Umphrey’s McGee. Perfect for the occasion!And what would biscuits be without a little schmear of Pearl Jam?[Video: Analog Stereo 33/45]Though I can’t imagine how, after dinner, you may still have a little room left for dessert. Maybe a slice of Cake?There’s even some Vanilla Fudge!Aunt Cindy makes a Smashing Pumpkin(s) pie!And some coffee and Cream, of course.Or even a seasonal nightcap, like a Hot Buttered Rum perhaps? We here at Live For Live Music are so thankful for all of your support. We also know you’re likely running around, buying and cooking food, and generally getting ready to start the holiday season off with a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Since you’re likely too busy to make yourself an appropriate holiday playlist, we put a food-themed one together for you! We hope you enjoy and that you don’t find yourself getting too hungry while checking out our choices!Whatever you choose to eat, whatever you choose to listen to, or wherever you choose to be, we hope that the Thanksgiving Holiday finds you with love and a song in your heart, food in your belly, and happiness in your futures! Happy Thanksgiving!For appetizers, we have some String Cheese Incident.[Video: John Williams]And Cracker(s)!What would Thanksgiving be without the Cranberries sauce?A crispy salad with some choice Lettuce would be a nice way to kick off the meal. Romaine or Iceberg… we’re not picky!Of course, it isn’t Thanksgiving without turkey.Don’t forget the Mashed Potato!last_img read more