Carin’ for the Green

first_imgWhy shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day? Legend has it that St. Patrick himself used theshamrock back in the fifth century to illustrate how three separate leaves united by onestem resembled the Holy Trinity. “The oxalis may be the native Irish plant,” Thomas said. Oxalis deppei is growncommercially. Varieties can range from bright green to purple leaves with white to rosypink flowers. “But it doesn’t like full sun. In fact, it has to have shade. It will take Georgia’shumidity and clay just fine, but not the sun,” he said. “Planting it just on the surface ofabout four inches of forest humus would be heaven on earth to a shamrock.” When you shop for a pot of shamrocks, look for plants with most of the stems standingupright with unopened, fresh buds. Shamrocks are indoor houseplants that prefer an east or west window. A southernexposure would be too hot for them, Thomas said. But shamrocks don’t have to stay inthe house. Faith and begorra, ’tis almost time for the wearing o’ the green. St. Patrick’s Day(March 17), a traditional Irish religious day, translates to parties and parades inGeorgia. But one tradition holds true on both sides of the Atlantic: shamrocks. Georgians can buy a true field clover, Thomas said. Or they can get Oxalis deppei, alsocalled the Iron Cross, which is patented as the shamrock plant. The third choice isMarsilea, or water shamrock. On St. Patrick’s Day, shamrocks sprout on lapels and decorate floral arrangements aswell as greeting cards, balloons, hats and clothing. In some Irish-American families, a gift of a pot of “gold” (brass or gold foil will do)filled with shamrocks brings luck to the recipient.center_img “If they’re drooping over the side,” Thomas said, “the plant has been water-stressed. Itshouldn’t have a lot of old flowers because it blooms a long time. Old flowers wouldmean it’s past its blooming stage.” The plant may lose all its leaves in the fall. But that doesn’t mean it’s dead. “Shamrocks can be easily propagated from bulblets,” Thomas said. “In spite ofdropped leaves, if the bulb is still white, it’s just quiescent, not dead. It will usuallycome back in the spring.” Thomas said indoors or out, you should water your shamrocks regularly. But don’toverfertilize them. Dilute liquid houseplant fertilizer by half and water it in about everythree weeks. “The plants sold as shamrocks in Georgia can be any of three types of plants,” saidPaul Thomas, a horticulturist with the University of Georgia Extension Service. The shamrock is found on Irish medieval tombs and old copper coins, known as St.Patrick’s money. The plant was even reputed to have mystic powers because the leavesstand upright to warn of an approaching storm. Its name is derived from the Irish”seamrog,” meaning “summer plant.” “If you plant it in a protected location, a shamrock can be hardy in Georgia,” he said.”Give it plenty of mulch so the ground doesn’t freeze solid. It will survive.last_img read more

Women’s basketball eliminated from Pac-12 tournament with loss to Oregon State

first_imgThe Trojans fell to No. 8 Oregon State 63-53 on Friday night, marking the end of the team’s Pac-12 tournament play. Despite rallying several times, the Trojans were unable to outmatch the 3-point shooting to overcome an early deficit.Oregon State opened the game with a 7-run to jump out to an 8-2 lead within the first three minutes of the game. Despite several strong plays from junior Kristen Simon and sophomore Sadie Edwards, the Trojans were unable to keep up the scoring pace and fell behind 18-8. USC chipped away at that lead several times — bringing the score within 6 several times — but consistent 3 shots from Oregon State disrupted the Trojans’ rhythm. But the end of the quarter saw the Trojans bounce back, when freshman Aliyah Mazyck sparked an offensive surge. Edwards finished the half with a converted 3-point play, cutting the deficit to only 6 points.Despite carrying that momentum into the locker room, Oregon State came back with dominating offense to start the second half. After knocking down two 3s and another bucket, the Beavers took a 44-33 lead and held onto it for the rest of the half. Like the first half, the Trojans were able to chip away at Oregon State’s lead, bringing it down to seven or eight points on a few occasions, but it wasn’t enough to keep up against the high-powered Beavers’ shooting.At the end of the game, Oregon State dropped nine 3s against the Trojans’ three and held USC’s leading scorer Temi Fagbenle to only 10 points and six rebounds. Without Fagbenle producing her normal amount of points, Edwards stepped up to deliver 20 points. As a total, the Trojans shot only 38 percent against Oregon State’s 53 percent. The disparity in effectiveness from the floor was the ultimate downfall for the Trojans, as they ended their run in the tournament and fell to 19-13 overall against the highly-ranked Oregon State squad.last_img read more