‘Very beneficial’ – Interesting note for Spurs fans and Harry Kane following U21 call-up

first_img Harry Kane will represent England at the U21 European Championship England goalkeeper Joe Hart says he “absolutely loved” his experience with the England U21s and talked up the benefits of playing tournament football.Gareth Southgate this week named his squad for the 2015 European Championship, with Tottenham’s young striker Harry Kane among the party.However, Spurs are believed to have reservations about the 21-year-old travelling with England following a long season, but Hart said only good things can come from playing for the Young Lions.“There’s loads of benefits in playing tournament football,” he told talkSPORT.“It’s a high level of football playing against players who may not be well known now, but in years to come will be the main stars in world football.“It’s a good tournament to be involved in and if you’re not quite in the England squad then this is the step to [being a member of the first team].”Hart played 21 times for the U21s and was a member of the England squad that reached the final of the 2009 U21 European Championship.England lost 4-0 to a Germany side containing Manuel Neuer, Mesut Ozil and Mats Hummels, though Hart was suspended for the final.“I absolutely loved [playing for the U21s] and loved every game and tournament I was involved in.” he said.“We had a really good relationship as a team and I really enjoyed working under Stuart Pearce.”“I’ll be looking forward to seeing how they do this summer.”Asked if there are any negatives to playing for the U21s off the back of a busy Premier League season, Hart, now with 50 senior caps to his name, explained that it never had any detrimental effects on his football career.“I can only go by personal experience, but that’s me and I can’t talk for other people.“It never effected what I was doing and it was something I very much looked forward to.”Joe Hart relies on the UK’s no.1 shampoo Head & Shoulders to feel prepared and confident for the game ahead. Visit headandshoulders.co.uk 1last_img read more

Gymnastic Enzyme Acts Like Logic Gate

first_imgAn enzyme named vinculin undergoes “drastic” conformational changes, reports William A. Weis in the July 29 issue of Nature.1  Vinculin, with over a thousand amino acid links, is important at membrane junctions for transporting materials in and out of the cell.  It helps cellular “glue” exit the membrane so that neighboring cells can adhere to one another, such as in epithelial tissues.    Weis reports on recent studies that show vinculin undergoes radical conformational changes during its action.  It will only build the adhesive junction when the necessary components are in place.  Nothing happens unless the participants are ready; “the binding energy of several partners is needed to overcome the thermodynamic and perhaps kinetic barriers to activation,” he says.  “Viewed in this way, vinculin functions as a logical AND gate, in which binding of two partners is required to generate an output, in this case a stable multi-protein complex”.  What’s more, this automatic regulation is essential for its function; it prevents inappropriate assembly if the amount of product is unstable.1William A. Weis, “Cell biology: How to build a cell junction,” Nature 430, 513 – 515 (29 July 2004); doi:10.1038/430513a.Logic, logic gates, regulation: this is the language of intelligent design.  Each of the contacts formed during the “radical” conformational changes of this complicated enzyme is finely tuned to its substrates, and finely tuned to the concentration of ingredients in the cell.  And these finely tuned contacts are determined by the specificity of the sequence of amino acids in this protein, each coded in another language—the language of DNA.  At every step, this system only makes sense in the context of intelligent design.    There is no suggestion in this paper how vinculin’s specificity in adhesive junctions might have evolved.  But in the latest ICR Impact article #374 (August 2004), organic chemist Dr. Charles McCombs provides very good reasons why unguided chemistry will never produce such functional complexity and specificity.  Unguided chemicals will always follow the laws of (1) chemical stability; i.e., whether the components will react at all, (2) chemical reactivity, or how fast reactants will react, and (3) chemical selectivity, or where the components react.  Working through these principles, he shows that amino acids will not join together without help, and even if they did, far more random, useless, nonfunctional polymers with damaging cross-reactions would result.  The resulting chain would always form blindly according to the relative binding energies of the amino acids.    It takes an organic chemist careful guidance at each step to produce a functional enzyme.  “Evolutionists say that nature is blind, has no goal, and no purpose, and yet precise selection at each step is necessary,” McCombs says.  Chemicals cannot think, plan or organize themselves, he reminds us, yet Darwinians invoke a false logic that unguided processes yielded logical living systems, like this example with vinculin.  The chemist remarks, “Evolutionists just hope you don’t know chemistry!”(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Justin.TV’s Sub-Sites Are a Surefire Profit Generator

first_imgdana oshiro Tags:#start#startups A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… With almost half a million broadcasters, popular lifecasting service Justin.TV could probably create a section for clown fightclubs and still have thousands of video voyeurs clamoring to entertain us. The company just launched its first in what is likely to be a long list of sub-sites. Gaming.justin.tv is a sub-site that offers viewers info, events and videos specific to the gaming community. The company is already working on followup sites with music and social channel queued up for the future. It’s hard to believe that a young man and his hat camera could build an empire like Justin.TV. In just three years the company has gone from a four-person gritty apartment startup, to a service with more than 21 million unique monthly visitors. The site currently serves the equivalent of 16,946 standard DVDs per hour in video content and ReadWriteWeb featured it as one of the top 5 video sites in the world. With the new channel sub-sites, this empire is about to expand even further. In a blog post the company writes, “Justin.tv sub-sites will have their own promoted content and could include custom features as well…Now that there’s a dedicated gaming area, we’re free to build new features just for gamers that may not have been possible before.”Last month ReadWriteWeb covered Wikia’s profit announcement. Wikia acknowledged that corporate sponsorships on sites like the World of Warcraft and Halo communities were particularly lucrative. Justin.TV is likely to see even more advertiser interest. Video production often requires much more time than the average wiki contribution, and viral video makers are perhaps some of the most sought after customers due to their far-reaching networks. If corporations can get to a sub-site’s influencers and gain favorable reviews, then the outreach could generate huge sales growth. Furthermore, given the fact that the Justin.TV’s traffic more than doubles Wikia’s, it will be hard for advertisers to resist the lure of these fan communities. To check out the first sub-site, visit gaming.justin.tv. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

Each Android User Will Make Google $9.85 per Year in 2012

first_imgThe Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … sarah perez According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Google could earn $1.3 billion in mobile advertising revenue in 2012, or $9.85 for each Android user. The analyst forecasted there would be 133 million Android users by 2012, and he arrived at the $1.3 billion figure by using publicly quoted numbers from Google itself.The details of Munster’s prediction can be found on eWeek, Forbes, CNN and other outlets. Munster had posted this information in a research note earlier this week.To determine the $1.3 billion figure, the analyst used Google’s self-stated figure that its mobile ad business is on a $1 billion annual run-rate, and Munster estimated the company had earned $850 million in total mobile revenue in 2010. Android specifically had generated around 16% of that total, or $130 million, said Munster. That means that each Android user generated $5.90 per year for Google, based on around 22 million Android users in 2010.By 2012, there would be 133 million Android users, generating $1.3 billion in Android-related revenue he said. That equates to $9.85 per user per year.Mobile Still Pales Next to Desktop WebDespite this growth, Piper notes that even an ARPU (average revenue per user) of nearly $10 is still below what a desktop user generates for Google.“As we noted, we believe Google’s ARPU on Android was $5.90 in 2010. We believe Google’s average revenue per search user was $18.85 in 2010 and average revenue per user for Google’s advertising businesses in total was $25.77 in 2010,” Munster said.Below is a chart which shows just how far Android has to go before catching up to the desktop Web. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementcenter_img Related Posts Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#Google#mobile#news#web last_img read more

Maharashtra to move on farmers’ insurance claims

first_imgThe Maharashtra government will put in place a framework to resolve all complaints related to non-payment of insurance claims to farmers. The Cabinet on Tuesday reviewed the financial situation of private insurance companies and their pending claims following the announcement by ally Shiv Sena to protest against them. Senior ministers said a payment of more than ₹15,000 crore has been made to farmers who have paid over ₹2,300 crore in premiums in the past four years.“During the the previous government’s tenure, the compensation amount never exceeded ₹300 crore a year. But the expenditure of companies this year alone is over ₹3,200 crore,” said a senior minister the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Shiv Sena government. Confirming that the Cabinet reviewed the insurance scheme and held a presentation, new State BJP chief Chandrakant Patil said the party had no problem with the Sena’s stand. “The companies will only pay farmers who have suffered losses. We understand the Sena’s stand and are fine even if our own party workers will hold a protest. If by holding protests the issue can be resolved, then everyone is more than welcome to do so,” he said.Earlier, the government set up a 10-member committee to scrutinise complaints from farmers and public representatives against the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, a government-sponsored crop insurance scheme, at the taluka level. “The government has been receiving a slew of complaints from villages and districts. We have set up the committee, headed by the local tehsildar, among nine other members, to look into complaints of mismanagement in the scheme,” said a government directive.last_img read more