Nature Inspires Hi-Tech Design

first_imgScientists and engineers continue the gold rush to imitate nature’s solutions to problems.Enzymes: “Bio-inspired biomimetics can outperform natural coenzymes” (Science Daily). Chemists have imitated cellular catalysts and have exceeded the natural counterparts (at least for industrial redox applications).Barnacle bills: “Do we need to wipe out clingons?” (BBC News): Understanding how barnacles and mussels cling to ships and propellers might save a lot of money some day.  “I think these are incredible little micro-worlds,” Dr Raeanne Miller says, “with lots and lots of different types of creatures, each one doing their own thing to survive in some incredibly harsh environments.”Sandcastle worm secrets: “Sandcastle worms serve as inspiration for a new type of underwater adhesive” (Science Daily). This creature is another “cling-on warrior” that scientists at UCSB are analyzing for adhesive applications in medicine and other wet environments.Snake charm: “Snake gait: Science observes nature to invent new ways of moving” (Science Daily). “It has no wheels or legs or anything to help itself along, and yet it is able to move and to move quite fast. In terms of mobility, the snake is a masterpiece of engineering, and it is no coincidence that it should be studied to uncover the physics underlying its locomotion.”Salamander swimmer: “A new salamander robot has been designed that can walk, swim and turn around corners.” See the TED Talk video clip on Live Science showing the robot, and its inventor’s reasons for wanting to study animal motion, including salamanders and cats.Tree oil: “Is lignin the crude oil of the future? Maybe so, thanks to the sun and photocatalysts” (PhysOrg). Currently, lignin is a waste product of paper production, but it’s loaded with chemicals that could be useful in many applications.Electric eel watch: “Shocking! ‘Electric Eel’ Fibers Could Power Wearable Tech” (Live Science). “Stretchy fibers that mimic electric eels could be woven into clothing to power wearable technology one day, new research suggests.”Algae fashions: “Healthy and diseased marine algae inspire new designs” (BBC News). Microscope studies of algae have inspired a Scottish designer to make colorful scarves and pillows.Blind cave fish nursing: “Regulating IV infusion with innovative blind cave fish-inspired sensor” (Science Daily). How can a blind fish help humans?Inspired by the blind cave fish, researchers at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) have developed Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) flow sensor so tiny and sensitive that it can be implanted into the IV or intravenous set-up, to aid in regulating the velocity of the fluid flow with minimal intervention by the nurses, thereby reducing their workload while increasing their productivity by 30%; and significantly decreasing the complications of drug infusion via IV therapy. These sensors can also be incorporated into marine underwater robots, lending them sensitivities to wakes, akin to the blind cave fish itself, so that the robots can manoeuvre in a highly energy-efficient manner.Clam TV: “Color-Morphing Clams Could Inspire New Smartphone & TV Screens” (Live Science). With just ambient sunlight, giant clams produce an astonishing array of colors—including blues, greens, golds and, more rarely, white—by means of iridocytes. “Producing color the way giant clams do could lead to smartphone, tablet and TV screens that use less power and are easier on the eyes,” a biologist says.Beetle condenser: “Beetle-inspired discovery could reduce frost’s costly sting” (Science Daily). “In a discovery that may lead to ways to prevent frost on airplane parts, condenser coils, and even windshields, a team of researchers led by Virginia Tech has used chemical micropatterns to control the growth of frost caused by condensation…. The inspiration for the work came from an unlikely source — the Namib Desert Beetle, which makes headlines because it lives in one of the hottest places in the world, yet it still collects airborne water.”Bladderwort suction: “This plant sucks! (but how? )” (Science Daily): The lowly bladderwort has one of the fastest traps in nature. “If we can work out how the bladderwort can grab food so quickly, it could also have applications in other fields by helping us develop tools that can rapidly capture small samples of fluids. Finding out how a bladderwort sucks could possibly also lead to biomimetic technical innovations.”Plant printing: “Novel 4-D printing method blossoms from botanical inspiration” (Science Daily): Another project from Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering—”Inspired by natural structures like plants, which respond and change their form over time according to environmental stimuli, the team has unveiled 4-D-printed hydrogel composite structures that change shape upon immersion in water.” One researcher commented, “It is wonderful to be able to design and realize, in an engineered structure, some of nature’s solutions.”Plant antenna: “New fluorescent nanomaterials whose inspiration was taken from plant antenna systems” (Science Daily): From the Basque country of Spain comes this project: “These new multifunctional materials aim to imitate the photosynthetic organisms of plants. These microorganisms consist of thousands of chlorophyll molecules embedded in a protein matrix, which provides them with a specific orientation/arrangement and intermolecular distance.”Bat avoidance: “How bats recognize their own ‘bat signals’ – Researcher discovers unique mechanism bats use to overcome communication interference in the wild” (Science Daily). “The mechanism that allows individual bats to avoid noise overlap by increasing the volume, duration and repetition rate of their signals has been uncovered by a new study” at Tel Aviv University. “Unlocking the mystery of bat echo recognition may offer a valuable insight into military and civilian radar systems, which are vulnerable to electronic interference.”Science is fun again, thanks to biomimetics. Inspiration from nature’s designs is leading to well-funded projects that promise useful and even lifesaving applications. Only a few researchers toss in extraneous evolution verbiage. The real focus is on intelligent design.Teachers and speakers: get inspired from our Biomimetics Category, where you will find dozens of news stories over the last decade showing the power of design to inspire scientists and engineers. Show kids the variety of animals and plants that are inspiring awe in biologists about how they solve problems. Give them a vision of the treasure chest out there in the world waiting to be explored. Let’s raise up an army of ID-friendly researchers who can improve the world and leave Darwin in the dust. (Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

SA, Cuba trade ‘below potential’

first_img6 November 2012 There is plenty of room for improvement in the levels of trade and investment between South Africa and Cuba, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said at the opening of the South African Pavilion at the 30th Havana International Fair in Cuba on Sunday. Eighteen South African companies are exhibiting at the Fair, representing the capital equipment, electro-technical, mining, agro-processing, engineering and metals sectors. Davies noted that the current levels of trade between the two countries were extremely modest and below what they had been in the past, despite a number of interventions by both governments. “But I’m happy to say this year, the 30th Havana International Fair anniversary is coinciding with the ratification of the agreement which was reached during the [2010 state] visit by President Zuma.”R350m assistance package South Africa is providing Cuba with a R350-million economic assistance package that Davies believes could help to turn the country’s trade and investment pattern around. The package comprises a R40-million grant for the purchase of seeds by Cuba, a R100-million solidarity grant, and credit lines of R70-million and R140-million. Davies said that Cuba continued to provide training for South African doctors, as well as vaccines that were used in South Africa’s public health sector. He added that South Africans should never forget the sacrifices made by Cuba in helping the country in its transition to democracy. “If it had not been for the contributions and sacrifices that Cuba made to the battle of Cuito Cuanavale and the impact it had on Namibian Independence, and [the effect] Namibian Independence had on the transition to democracy in South Africa, I think we might well find ourselves battling with the demon of apartheid for several more years, and possibly a decade longer than we did,” Davies said. Source: read more

Kettler named Indiana Director of Agriculture

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Indiana’s Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch recently announced Bruce Kettler — an experienced member ofBruce Kettler of the Anna Chapter got to meet President Reagan during his time as a National Officer.the agriculture community — will serve as the new director of Indiana State Department of Agriculture effective Jan. 8, 2018.Kettler most recently operated as the director of public relations for Beck’s Hybrids, where he also was a field sales manager, area team leader and sales consultant over the course of the last 11 years. He began his career at Dow AgroSciences where he started out as a sales representative, and spanned his career through the company as a regional credit manager, advertising and communications manager and finished after being with the company for 17 years as a senior sales representative for pest management.Kettler grew up in Ohio and was an Anna FFA member elected in 1982 to National FFA office. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from The Ohio State University, resides in Westfield, Ind. with his wife Tammy and has two grown children, Cory and Christy.last_img read more

Awesome Retro Video: Camera Technology of 1993

first_imgThis theater trailer by the LA Times is a retro throwback showcasing the cutting edge video production technology of 1993!Oh you won’t want to miss this one – cheesy 90’s music, leather jackets with turtlenecks and Van Damme with a mullet!This video produced for the LA Times highlights what was leading technology of the early 90’s. LA cinematographer Paul Raimondi, who shot the video, recently pulled it ‘outta the vault’ and shared on Vimeo.It’s pretty amazing to see how far camera tech has come over the last 20 years. This equipment required hands-on control, whereas now many of these shots are created with wireless or computer controlled devices. Even the Steadicam featured in the video looks like a relic compared to the more advanced motion stabilization systems we have today.Really makes you wonder where we’ll be in the next 20 years! Thanks to Paul Raimondi, for sharing this one with the ‘net.last_img read more

Create and Animate the UI of Instagram with Adobe After Effects

first_imgLearn how to break down the UI of popular social media sites and animate them to your liking.Understanding how to break down the UI of a specific site can be a helpful skill. You may have a client that wants to show how their business operates with a social platform or with a specific website. Being able to break down that UI will allow you to create an engaging animation.When breaking down a UI, you have to study the layout, research the typefaces, determine how the site operates, and grasp all other elements. In this Adobe After Effects tutorial, we will create the Instagram UI. This social media platform has a simple layout and, for the most part, a simple design. In the tutorial, we take a close look at font choice and careful positing to match the layout.The benefit of being able to recreate the Instagram UI is that it allows us to highlight specific elements that may be important to viewers. Editors typically record a screen video of a website when they need to include it in an edit. After watching our tutorial, you will no longer need to screen capture websites.DOWNLOAD FREE AE INSTAGRAM PROJECTWhat To Take Away from This After Effects TutorialWhether you are new to After Effects or have been using it for some time, there are several great takeaways from this tutorial:Breakdown the Instagram UI.Gather elements necessary for the layout.Use typography to replicate Instagram’s design.Create a variety of animations for every element of the UI.Understand the value of placeholders.Enjoy the tutorial and good luck!last_img read more

Tabrez Ansari lynching case: police drop murder charge

first_imgThe Jharkhand Police have reportedly watered down the charges against those accused of lynching Tabrez Ansari in Seraikela-Kharsawan district about four months ago.Eleven persons, against whom charge sheets have been filed for beating Tabrez, a 24-year-old man, to death, will be facing trial under Section 304 of IPC, which is culpable homicide not amounting to murder, instead of murder charges under Section 302.In April this year, Tabrez, who was working as a welder in Pune, had returned to his village Kadamdia, 15 km from the district headquarters town of Seraikela, for his marriage. On April 27, his marriage was solemnised with Sahista Pervez, 19. The couple would have returned to Pune in a few days.But on June 17 night, a few people of Dhatkidih village, a few kilometres from his house, caught hold of him and branded him a thief. He was beaten up by a mob through the night and forced to chant ‘Jai Hanuman and Jai Sriram’. On June 22, he succumbed to injuries. It was alleged that Tabrez was not given proper medical attention in time.When contacted, Seraikela-Kharsawan Superintendent of Police Karthik S. said, “this is not a matter of dilution of the case. Section 304 of IPC, which is culpable homicide not amounting to murder, has life imprisonment provision and 302 of IPC is capital punishment. There is a very thin line existing between the two sections.”“Since the medical report did not confirm the cause of death properly, the provision under Section 304 of IPC was applied. Tabrez didn’t die of injury. He died of cardiac arrest due to stress,” said Mr. Karthik.The district police chief further said, “We had gone for the second opinion from forensic experts. According to them, the death was due to combined effect of heart attack and injury. Moreover, the victim did not die on the spot, but after a few days of the attack. That is why we thought it proper to seek punishment under Section 304 of IPC after getting it vetted by legal experts.”When asked about earlier reports of Tabrez developing brain haemorrhage in the mob attack, he said the first post-mortem report did mention about ‘light’ haemorrhage.“However, the brain haemorrhage was so minimal that it could not be written. Even in the second opinion, they also talked about brain haemorrhage. It was mentioned that the fracture in the head and other injury had led to heart attack. If 302 IPC was applied, one had to establish the premeditated actions. So we deemed Section 304 to be proper,” Mr. Karthik contended.The charge sheet in the case was filed a month ago. After getting to know that there was no mention of murder charge, family members, including the wife of the deceased, had met the district police chief and demanded that the accused face grave charges.Eleven persons have so far been chargesheeted in the case and investigation was pending against two more as they were apprehended later. The photo and voice analysis of the two are yet to be done.last_img read more

Rockets’ Zhou Qi released after failure to launch

first_imgZhou spent three seasons in China with the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, helping them capture the Chinese crown in 2017.Zhou has also represented China, and was a member of the country’s 2016 Olympic team. He was also a part of the China squad which won gold at the Asian Games in Jakarta in September.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Zhou was chosen by Houston with the 43rd overall pick in the 2016 draft.However, he failed to establish himself in Houston, playing just a handful of games from the bench in 2017-2018 with no starts.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefThe towering seven-foot (2.17m) player spent most of the past two seasons playing for the Rockets’ junior affiliate Rio Grande Valley in the G-League.Zhou averaged 1.2 points and 1.2 rebounds a game last season for the Rockets in his 18 appearances. Lacson: 2019 budget delay due to P75-B House ‘insertion’ LeBron James’ season-low 13 in blowout caps Lakers’ eventful week Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games PLAY LIST 00:59Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games02:45Drilon blasts Duterte’s infra program as ‘dismal failure’02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss LATEST STORIES TS Kammuri to enter PAR possibly a day after SEA Games opening SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completion LOOK: Joyce Pring goes public with engagement to Juancho Triviño Is Luis Manzano planning to propose to Jessy Mendiola? View comments Hotel management clarifies SEAG footballers’ kikiam breakfast issue SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completion MOST READ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Zhou Qi #9 of the Houston Rockets poses for a portrait during the Houston Rockets Media Day at The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston on September 24, 2018 in Houston, Texas. Tom Pennington/Getty Images/AFPChinese forward Zhou Qi’s bid for NBA glory with the Houston Rockets came to an abrupt end on Monday after he was released by the club.A brief statement on the Rockets website said the 22-year-old center had been waived by general manager Daryl Morey.ADVERTISEMENT Private companies step in to help SEA Games hostinglast_img read more