Worcester College building shortlisted for Stirling Prize

first_imgWorcester College’s Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre has been shortlisted for the UK’s best new building of the year.The £9 million theatre and conference centre is in the running for the 2018 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stirling Prize – the most prestigious award for architecture in the UK.The Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre is a single story, 120-seat building containing a lecture theatre, a dance studio and seminar rooms designed by Níall McLaughlin Architects. The centre is named after Nazrin Shah, an alumnus of Worcester College and the eldest son of the Sultan of Perak in Malaysia.Provost of Worcester College, Sir Jonathan Bale, said: “Having won the regional award as southern England’s Building of the Year, we knew we were in with a shout, but when you’re up against a billion pound Norman Foster project you don’t exactly hold your breath!”Sir Jonathan noted that the college was “thrilled to be nominated,” and was personally “especially pleased” as he himself had the idea of designing the auditorium in the style of an Ancient Greek amphitheatre.President of RIBA, Ben Derbyshire, said: “It doesn’t go unnoticed that half of the buildings were commissioned by UK universities, suggesting that parts of the higher education sector value the importance of improving the quality of their buildings and estates to reward and attract students, staff and visitors, and to make a positive contribution to their local area.“It’s encouraging to see clients who recognise the broad range of benefits that can be achieved by working with skilled and resourceful architects, and I hope more public-sector organisations will follow their lead.”Derbyshire added: “In these challenging and turbulent political times, we must celebrate how the UK’s architectural talent can help to improve local communities and their quality of life.”The Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre will be competing with six other new buildings in the UK, including the Tate St Ives art gallery in Cornwall, a nursery school and a cemetery.last_img read more

What is Hajj?

first_imgTo the Editor:Every year, more than two million Muslims gather in the city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, a six-day pilgrimage, starting on Sept. 1, incumbent upon every able-bodied Muslim who can also afford the finances of the journey.During Hajj, Muslims reenact Prophet Muhammad’s “farewell pilgrimage,” which he performed in Makkah in 632 A.D. Muslims also commemorate the conviction of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and the resilience of Hajar, his wife, during Hajj. According to the Islamic faith, Prophet Ibrahim was enduring a series of tests from Allah (God), one of which was a command to abandon Hajar and their newborn son, Ismael (Ishmael), in the Arabian Desert. During Ibrahim’s absence, Hajar ran between the mountains of Safa and Marwa seven times searching for water until Ismael kicked the ground and found a spring of water sprouting from beneath. This water, which springs from the same location today, is referred to as “Zamzam.” The culmination of Prophet Ibrahim’s tests was a command to sacrifice his son Ismael. As Prophet Ibrahim prepared to carry out Allah’s commands, Allah asked him to sacrifice an animal instead. Muslims maintain this tradition today and sacrifice an animal on Eidul-Adha (the third day of Hajj) and donate its meat to people who are in need.The Hajj pilgrimage also serves as a spiritual cleansing for Muslims: they are immersed in the worship of Allah (God) and are forbidden from engaging in any argumentations or sexual intercourse throughout the six days of the pilgrimage. They also refrain from cutting their nails and removing any hair off their bodies during these six days. However, the large majority of Muslims are unable to perform Hajj due to health complications and/or the financial burden of it. Muslims who fall into this category are given a “pass” and are instead encouraged to fast from dawn to dusk and exemplify the best Islamic behavior (refrain from backbiting and arguing, and increase nightly prayers, Qur’an recitations, and charitable giving). On Eidul-Adha, the third day of Hajj, Muslims who are not on pilgrimage are encouraged to gather with family and friends in celebration and sacrifice an animal and donate its meat. Whether at home or on pilgrimage in Makkah, these days of the year are revered as some of the holiest of the Islamic lunar year. Muslims strive to reach high levels of spiritual cleansing and obedience to Allah. DINA SAYEDAHMEDlast_img read more

French Language Conversation Group – Brings the Continent to the Island

first_imgFrank Douzieth (left) discusses French culture with members of the French Language Conversation Group meeting on Monday at the Ocean City Library.It was truly magnifique!The Ocean City Public Library hosted a French Language Conversation group on Monday afternoon and the event brought out about 10 enthusiastic participants.Julie Brown, who develops adult programming for the Library, said the idea was to gather people interested in French culture to swap ideas and converse, learn about France and the language, and enjoy the company of a diverse group with a common interest.“I am excited. I drove 25 miles to be here,” said Janet Williams, a resident of Cape May who has an upcoming trip scheduled to Paris. “I like France and I am contemplating a possible move there. This is a great opportunity for me to get back into speaking French.”Monday’s initial meeting was less about speaking in French than discussing aspects of the country by the participants in English, but that could soon change. Brown said she hoped to develop different topics for future meetings. French food, cities, wine are a few possible examples.“I see this group meeting at least once a month and possibly more,” she said. “The interest is here. This is a great turnout.”Frank Douzieth, a native Frenchman and his wife Mary helped establish the group and enjoyed taking part in the gathering.Frank at one point discussed French attitudes about dining. He said the evening meal was an event that could last hours, and while you can find McDonald’s franchises in Paris, the French generally people eschew the concept of fast food.“In France when you like someone you want to get together over a period of time and a dinner could last four hours,” he said.His wife said the couple, who currently reside in Ocean City, lived in France for four years. She said the group allowed them to re-connect with others who knew and enjoyed French culture, or who wanted to learn more about it.Mary knew virtually no French when she initially met her husband, but has picked up the language over the years. “I don’t speak it well.  I speak well enough to get by.”For Doug Eberly, an assistant priest at Ocean City’s Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, is a frequent traveler who has spent the last eight New Year’s Eves in Paris. He previously studied French from a tutor, the late Pearl Warner, a scholar who helped develop the French curriculum in New York City public schools. He is looking forward to working on his conversational mastery of the language.“This is an excellent, diverse group and very compatible,” he said. “It should be a great experience for everyone.”There is no charge to attend group meetings and all skill levels are encouraged to take part. Light snacks are provided as are learning tools such as French-English dictionaries.  It next meets Monday February 29 from 4 to 5:30 p.m.  To learn more about the group, call Julie Brown at 399-2434, extension 5222.last_img read more

Man, 43, found dead inside mobile home on Locust Road was shot to death

first_img Previous articleMishawaka man sentenced for child molestationNext articleFirst of eight voting murals to wrap up in Benton Harbor Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. Pinterest By Jon Zimney – October 8, 2020 0 389 IndianaLocalNews Google+ WhatsApp Facebook Twitter (Photo supplied/ABC 57) A man found dead inside a mobile home in the 61000 block of Locust Road in St. Joseph County was shot to death.Police were called to the trailer just after 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 6, where they found the body of Bradley J. Hodges, 43.Hodges’ died due to a single gunshot wound. His death was ruled a homicide.Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit is handling the investigation, but so far, there is no word of any suspect.Hodges was last seen alive around 8 p.m. on Monday night, according to Metro Homicide.Anybody with information is asked to contact CMHU at 574-235-5009 or Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP. Facebook WhatsApp Man, 43, found dead inside mobile home on Locust Road was shot to death Google+ Pinterest Twitterlast_img read more

Harvard University returns to normal operations Tuesday

first_imgHarvard University will resume normal operations on Tuesday morning. Classes will be held and all employees are expected to report for work.Staff who have been directly affected by the storm and may have trouble returning to work tomorrow should be in touch with their supervisors about whether it would be appropriate to take a personal day or a vacation day. Faculty, students, and staff who typically rely on public transportation but are unsure if their buses, trains, or ferries will be operating on time will be able to park for free tomorrow with a Harvard ID at one of three University parking lots: 10 Everett St. and 52 Oxford St. in Cambridge, and the Soldiers Field Parking Garage at One Western Ave. in Boston.The details associated with resuming normal operations may vary across the Schools and departments, so please watch for more specific information from your local leaders. Additional updates will be posted to www.harvard.edu and 617-496-NEWS as necessary.last_img read more

Blackest black

first_img“It’s a great resource, to show people how black black can be,” said Khandekar.Not much is known about the actual “growing” process for Vantablack. It’s a secret developers are determined to keep under wraps. When Khandekar first contacted the company about obtaining a sample, representatives declined. Khandekar persisted, and as interest in the pigment broadened, the company eventually made Vantablack samples available for “educational purposes.”One lucky artist has unlimited access to the color. The sculptor Anish Kapoor negotiated exclusive artistic rights to Vantablack S-VIS, a spray form said to be the world’s blackest paint. The velvety surface it produces “is something that fits right in with Kapoor’s artistic practice,” said Khandekar. “So I can see why he was drawn to it.”Many artists have protested the Kapoor deal, and Khandekar acknowledged that it’s atypical for an artist to have sole right to a particular color. “It is unusual,” he said, “but this is an unusual pigment.” Emmanuelle Alt, the editor in chief of Vogue Paris, is said to have quipped: “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.”The Frenchwoman may want to schedule a Harvard visit.The British company Surrey NanoSystems has developed what it calls “the darkest man-made substance,” a material known as Vantablack, a sample of which is now part of the collections at the Harvard Art Museums. The color is located in the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies’ Forbes Pigments Collection, an assortment of about 2,500 synthetic and organic pigments that helps conservators, curators, and students study and safeguard artworks.Just how black can black get? Vantablack absorbs close to 100 percent of light. The material is less a traditional pigment — a powdery substance typically combined with a binding medium and spread on canvas — than the product of a complicated scientific process involving carbon nanotubes cultivated on the surface of an object.“It’s not a powder that’s mixed with something and then applied … it’s grown there in situ,” said Straus Center Director Narayan Khandekar, Harvard’s resident pigment expert. “You have small round tubes that grow outwards from the surface. The light goes into those tubes, bounces around, and then is transferred into heat energy, which is then dissipated. And so the surface is more than 99.9 percent light-absorbing.”The museums’ sample, applied to a piece of crinkled aluminum and encased in a see-through box, is a wonder of extreme darkness. On the edges and back of the sample, the silver aluminum is clearly buckled and creased, but the Vantablack section appears entirely smooth. Related Forbes pigment collection serves as teaching tool, resource, and even artwork A wall of color, a window to the pastlast_img read more

SMC elects SAB, SDB, RHA leaders

first_imgSix new leaders have been elected to top positions in Saint Mary’s Student Activities Board (SAB), Student Diversity Board (SDB) and Resident Hall Association (RHA). Juniors Allie Courtney and Caitlyn Wonski have been elected as president and vice president of SAB. Courtney said they plan to continue to improve SAB events. “We want to increase participation in SAB events on campus and subsequently increase the spirit for Saint Mary’s in the student body,” she said. “We really want to unite the student body through common interests in events and creating programs and events that students enjoy together.” They also want to improve SMC Tostal by incorporating a daytime carnival with free food. Courtney and Wonski also plan to reinstate SAB’s Midnight Madness, a class competition that was cancelled three years ago. Wonski said their first goal is planning the Belle’s Bash event for the first weekend back to school in the fall. “We just want to let the student body know that we are so appreciative of their support and we hope to continue improving the quality of life on campus for them,” Courtney said. “We do this because we want everyone to love Saint Mary’s as much as we do.” Juniors Kelly Reidenbach and Guadalupe Quintana will serve as president and vice president of Student Diversity Board. They said they hope to promote diversity at Saint Mary’s and teach the student body that diversity does not mean minority. First on their agenda is motivating students to get involved with the board, Quintana said. “We always talk about the change we want to see in the world,” Quintana said, “and SDB is the perfect place to start. We have the power and opportunity to be the voice for those who are not so well represented or whose voice is not heard…[our job] is very rewarding.” Reidenbach also said they plan to organize the International Meet and Greet that will take place next semester. Junior Kat Nelson will serve as president of RHA, with sophomore Sarah Copi as her vice president. Nelson said the theme for RHA this year is “There’s No Place Like Home.” First on their agenda is to meet with the advisors and vice president of Residence Life at Saint Mary’s. Next, they plan to recruit board members and to create a budget for the upcoming year. Nelson said she and Copi plan to schedule a forum where students can come and voice their expectations for RHA next year. Turnover is scheduled for April 1.last_img read more

Harry Potter Play Will Be in Two Parts When It Opens in London

first_img View Comments Muggles rejoice! The hotly anticipated Harry Potter stage play is so epic, it’s going to be staged in two parts. “It can be seen on consecutive days in the same week or in some instances on the same day,” producer Sonia Friedman told the Daily Mail. This is because the story was “too long to be told in a traditional length and it became inevitable that it had to be in two parts.” Schedules for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child are still being finalized, but as previously reported the production will open at the Palace Theatre next summer.The production will be based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Penned by Thorne, the play will directed by Tony winner Tiffany (Once). Casting will be announced later.The Harry Potter play will look into the story of the wizard’s parents, James and Lily Evans Potter, before they were murdered by Lord Voldemort, and Harry Potter’s early years as an orphan and outcast.The seven-volume Harry Potter series has sold more than 450 million copies and been translated into 77 languages. The books were adapted into eight movies starring Broadway.com Audience Choice Award winners Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter and Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley, along with Emma Watson as Hermione Granger.Currently home to The Commitments, which will close on November 1, the Palace Theatre usually plays host to musicals, but we somehow have a feeling that they’ll have no problem selling tickets.We also sense that this has “Broadway transfer” written all over it.last_img read more

Tony Nominee Charlotte d’Amboise Returns to Broadway’s Chicago

first_img View Comments Related Shows Chicago from $49.50center_img Charlotte d’Amboise in ‘Chicago'(Photo: Jeremy Daniel) Charlotte d’Amboise is returning to Broadway’s Chicago on February 20. The two-time Tony nominee is replacing Spice Girl Mel B in the role of Roxie Hart at the Ambassador Theatre.D’Amboise received Tony nominations for her performances in the revival of A Chorus Line and in Jerome Robbins’ Broadway. Her other Broadway credits include Pippin, Sweet Charity, Carrie, Company, Contact and Damn Yankees. Chicago currently stars Amra-Faye Wright as Velma Kelly, Christopher Sieber as Billy Flynn, LaVon Fisher-Wilson as Matron “Mama” Morton, Raymond Bokhour as Amos Hart and R. Lowe as Mary Sunshine.D’Amboise will play a limited engagement in the Tony-winning revival through April 9.last_img read more

ASTA named Croatia “International Destination of the Year 2020.”

first_imgThe conference “ASTA DESTINATION EXPO 2020”, which will be held from 03 to 06 December 2020 in Dubrovnik, is a unique opportunity to promote Dubrovnik and Croatia. Croatia was named “International Destination of the Year 2020” at the annual ASTA Global Live convention. This is a prestigious award given by the Association of American Experts in Tourism ASTA, which is invaluable for the promotion of Croatia.  The hosting of about 300 American tourism experts in Dubrovnik, who will negotiate deals directly with Croatian tourism service providers at B2B meetings, will surely make this conference the most important tourist event for Croatian tourism in 2020. center_img The American market is the second most important emitting market for Dubrovnik, right after the British one. Last year, 159 American tourists stayed in Dubrovnik (146% more than in 16), and 2018 overnight stays were realized (442% more than in 256), according to the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.last_img read more